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More Imaginative Than Ordinary Speech

Cat Ellington Updated
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More Imaginative Than Ordinary Speech

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More Imaginative Than Ordinary Speech: The Poetry of Cat Ellington
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)
More Imaginative Than Ordinary Speech

Book Description

From the author of Reviews by Cat Ellington comes a gracefully adorned compilation of eccentric beauty and elegant prose flowing with milky fluidity and honey-sweet intellectuality.

Presenting More Imaginative Than Ordinary Speech: The Poetry of Cat Ellington, a mystifying collection of poetic productions that glide over multiple genres and wrap themselves around a variety of topics, including racism in America, spiritual warfare, same-sex relationships, delusional disorder, social networking, societal corruption, revenge, oppression, envy, hardship, victory, and much more.

Preceded by eloquent synopses to set the tone, and succeeded by razor-sharp commentaries that will slice through the main arteries of the reader’s psyche, each poem was skillfully authored by the one and only Cat Ellington in her outstanding style of effortless ingenuity, although many in the collection do not suffer the easily offended gladly.

Included in this fascinating compilation are none other than “A Declaration of Independence,” “Enemy-Centered,” “iWonderment,” “The Windows Have Eyes,” “I Call the Wind Mariah Carey,” “And Now A Word From Chicago’s South Side,” “Inspired by Imitation of Life,” “The Golden Goose,” “Mother Chicago,” “This Womanhood,” “Operation imPlantation,” “The Falsifier,” “The Black Girl,” and a great deal more.

Decorated with Watercolors by Ateli, More Imaginative Than Ordinary Speech: The Poetry of Cat Ellington is a deep, powerful, cutthroat, unsparing, and spirited well of truth that will leave a lasting imprint on the reader long after the final page is turned: for the effort is representative of what has come to be expected of its distinctive authorship where it pertains to the written word.

Poetry by Cat Ellington. Unconventional beauty.

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Cat Ellington - Official Book Trailer (HD) More Imaginative Than Ordinary Speech

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