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Poetry November 07, 2016
Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
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"I run back inside, I turn off the light, look out into the open night, my mind flies open and the dark comes white with falling snow..." Mark Binmore has a way with words. This, his brand new collection of prose, takes us on a journey of life, his life (maybe?) of nights, days, fog, light and dark ending with question an a final thought. Each piece comes with a liner note, some long and detailed others just a few words so at once you can understand what he is trying to say. If Mark was a pop star this would be his Kate Bush album, it comes to life and should not be left at just words, you can sense rhythm and music behind the lyric. From intriguing individual titles such as Hope Has A Place, Tea House Moon and Like A Bell To A Southerly Wind, Mark has also spent time going back or as he puts it, revisiting a few old pieces breathing new life between the layers. One is called Rockets Tail and Mark writes about being a rocket being fired into the sky, to be beautiful and loved for a few seconds before disappearing into the night. "And you have to let me fly" he cried. There is sense with this book that Mark is saying goodbye to many things but I hope he isn't saying goodbye to his style of prose. It's not poetry in the old fashioned sense, its not even lyrics in the structure of a pop sing but they are words, and words that need to be read. *****
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March 31, 2017
Through the gates of night
there is wisdom is waiting to be found…

Mark has a wonderful way with words and with this new book of prose you are taken on a journey with side notes explaining, in brief, what each piece actually means or what the basis for the narrative is about. Once again you can sense music behind the dialogue. Think Kate Bush, think Enya, think soft ambient beats behind the spoken word. There is a sense of loss throughout this book, a time of aging, looking back and forward but without any regret. It's almost as if ark has written a biography of his life but mislaid names, dates and events. A book to curl up with on autumn evenings as the wind hurls outside. 5 STARS.
1 results - showing 1 - 1