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Kleptomaniac Who's Really Robbing God Anyway?

Frank Chase Jr Updated
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Kleptomaniac Who's Really Robbing God Anyway?

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Kleptomaniac Who's Really Robbing God Anyway? The Centuries Old Tithes and Offerings Deception
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Kleptomaniac Who's Really Robbing God Anyway?

Book Description

Frank Chase, Jr. was born in 1959. He is the son of Frank Chase and Romaine Berry. He grew up in Baltimore Md. and graduated from Walbrook High School in 1978. After high school, Frank spent four years in the United States Army and during that time became a follower of the Messiah. After completing his tour of duty, he attended Washington State University (WSU) and graduated in 1989 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor in Sociology. Because Frank believes in education, he pursued religious degrees and graduated from North Carolina College of Theology with a Bachelor of Biblical Studies, a Master of Arts in Theology, and a Doctor of Theology. Frank is a sincere person and has been involved in the church for the majority of his life. When he believes in a cause, he commits himself to gain a full understanding even when it goes against traditional, religious and secular belief systems. He submerged his entire being into the tithe doctrine versus freewill giving for four years to understand the different tithe teaching propagated in the church circuit. Frank’s decision to shift from tithing to freewill giving was difficult for him and his family. His decision resulted in wins and losses both emotionally, spiritually and financially. Through tears, fears and not fully knowing what would happen when he took a stand on freewill giving over tithing, Frank decided to move forward and write a tithing book three years later. KLEPTOMANIAC is a journey into the annuals of biblical history concerning what the Bible teaches about tithing and giving. This book will take you on a proverbial archeological quest to uncover the true meaning of biblical words that deal with money. When confusion exists about what certain words mean in the Bible, such as tithe, tithing, tenth or ten percent, this book will examine the Hebrew and Greek language to bring to life what these words actually mean in context. This book will upend the common beliefs held by believers concerning giving and tithing based on the history of the original people of the Bible and how they related to money.

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