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Ravenswynd Destinies

Ravenswynd Destinies

Sharon  Ricklin Updated
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Ravenswynd Destinies (Book 4)

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Ravenswynd Destinies Book 4
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
Ravenswynd Destinies

Book Description

What could be worse than being stalked by a rogue vampire? Finding out there are Hunters out to exterminate your very existence...

They say rules are made to be broken… but when four Ravens take a forbidden trip to the U.S. their lives will be altered forever. Although the trip is hurried and the mission extraordinary, a clandestine ring of Vampire Hunters are enraged and follow them back to the airport. Not only are their lives in danger, if caught, the Hunters will confiscate their newly acquired precious possessions. Three of them make it through the long lines…But a sudden commotion changes everything. Emrys is detained. Separated from the group and hustled into a back room, he faces a perilous situation with the murderous Hunters…who are now posing as security guards. Gavin manages to get the two women on the flight back to Ravenswynd. Elizabeth and Melinda are safe… But will they ever see their husbands again? Moving stealthily through the airport, Gavin returns to help Emrys escape from the Hunters. A gorgeous blonde offers her assistance… But can she be trusted? Can a bouquet of beautiful flowers be deadly? Another mystifying prophecy…Heart-twisting and astonishing revelations will come in twos… But everything becomes meaningless when tragedy strikes…Without question, there will be blood. (This is Book Four in the Ravenswynd Series)



Ravenswynd Destinies (Book 4)

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