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Guardians of the Shadows - Hands of Destiny

Ken  Donaldson Updated
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Hands of Destiny cover

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Full Title
Guardians of the Shadows - Hands of Destiny
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)
Guardians of the Shadows - Hands of Destiny

Book Description

Book Description
Her winter fling in the land of his summer. One seeking love the other locked on a path of desintys’ calling, becomes a dangerous liaison between two destinies across time’s continuum.
Upon Alice’s return everything from the year before had now evolved in ways she was not expecting as her personal interests open an unexpected surprising discovery even she never would have imagined.

Behind the story
The idea of work and pleasure come together in this story which is set around a dating journalist who becomes too attached to her test subject over time with a surprising event that opens the setting for a second novel in a spin off sci-fi series all of it’s own.

Eldest son born in the year 1964 to impoverished parents whom, struggle with the cost of providing myself with the best of schooling standards through childhood years. Did aided in setting foundations which have seen the mastery over several craftsmanship’s in life to date including metal, wood, technology and my one true passion writing stories to entertain readers of all ages.
Even tho, Writing commenced as a hobby I enjoyed for many years and still do; In 2014 I was first published as a traditional Author with Xlibris achieving the stature of a noted Storyteller. Before later with several awards earnt before I advanced to become an Independent Self Published Author of the publishing industry. That has allowed myself to utilize the full range of my educated talents’ from a Novelist to Storytelling composing designer written copyrighted original masterpiece stories to entertain you; has and shall always be a privilege as your Author Ken Donaldson I am pleased to be providing for your entertainment pleasures.

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