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Magnificent Destiny

Katie Mettner Updated
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Magnificent Destiny

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Magnificent Destiny
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book Description

Rockefeller Jonas Maresanti, Rock to those close to him, hadn’t forgotten the coffee brown eyes of his Annie. He’d made mistakes in his life, but his biggest mistake was running from Magnificent, Wisconsin and the girl whose eyes still haunted him.

Sally Anne Robertson was a successful businesswoman in Magnificent, but it wasn’t without sacrifice. After losing everything, she forged a new life for herself in a place where the ghosts of her past hung heavily in the air.

When Rock walked through her café doors and back into her life, her well-worn façade crumbled. Staring into his dark, boding eyes she realized she wanted to rekindle the flame that still burned below the surface of their hearts, but first, she had to heal his. Just as they find happiness again, Rock’s past catches up to them, and they’re thrown into a game of hatred and violence they aren’t sure they can win. It will take all their determination, hope, and belief in true love to protect their magnificent destiny.

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