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Ruby Sky

Katie Mettner Updated
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Ruby Sky
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

Book Description

Deputy Matt Hermanni had a decision to make. Stay in Zansaville, Minnesota and fight the loneliness in his soul or find greener pastures. Before he could decide, he was handed a case that could make or break his career.

Ruby Skye had a son to raise and a roof to keep over his head. She managed both by working as the head cook and bottle washer at the biggest truck stop in Zansaville. She dealt with men all day every day, but hadn’t dated one in eight years.

Everything changed one cold January night when a lead brought Matt to Ruby’s door. She was unprepared for the sexiest deputy alive to be standing on her doorstep. He was unprepared for the most gorgeous woman in Zansaville to offer him coffee. Neither was prepared to fall for each other instantly. Matt knew loving her would be easy, but convincing her he wouldn’t break her son’s heart was another matter.

A dead prostitute, an old well, and a broken cello may decide Matt’s future, but one thing was certain; the person pulling the strings behind the scenes wanted him dead. His job, and his life, depended on him solving the case, before his beautiful ruby sky disappeared.

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