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The Solstice

Pax Asteriae Updated
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The Solstice

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The Solstice: A Tale from Rosgarde
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Book Description

As the spring buds emerge, Tallon's future disintegrates.

Only one thing will satisfy his father's debt to the powerful Baron Lagran: Tallon's indentured service, for one year, for the Baron's aloof son.

But Dorin Lagran never seems to notice his new servant. No matter what Tallon does, from serving up beautiful meals to kicking doors open, not one thing ruffles a hair on Dorin's perfect head.

It's only for one year. Tallon can do this. If it keeps his family safe, he can do it. And if he sometimes notices just how beautiful Dorin is, then he can dismiss it from his thoughts again just as easily.

Can't he?

Because every year contains a Solstice, the day that doesn't exist. The day for wishes. And this year, Tallon will be serving Dorin during it.

But can wishes truly become reality?

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