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Night of the Panther: The Town Sheriff

Julienne Holmes Updated
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Night of the Panther: The Town Sheriff

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Night of the Panther: The Town Sheriff
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)
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Illustrator(s) Createspace
Night of the Panther: The Town Sheriff

Book Description

When Kristina Philistine moves to Marble Falls, Texas, she never expected to find happiness in the form of the mysterious Sheriff Conway. Nor did she expect to find comfort in his arms. Yet, there's something that lurks behind his hypnotic gaze. This man is a mystery, that has an even darker secret. For Kristina to survive the ever consuming darkness, though, she'll have to trust him. As the darkness closes in around her, she starts to realize that her past is something she shouldn't have reckoned with. Can she trust this one man, that unleashes this unbearable passion inside her, to protect her from the blood thirsty monster lurking in the darkness? Or will her past soon become her undoing?

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