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The Southern Belles by Katie Simpkins
Romance January 22, 2020
Inspires and captivates through its suspenseful details and well-developed entertaining characters
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The Southern Belles by Katie Simpkins is an exciting and turbulent 5 star, must-read romance novel that follows three sisters in their struggle to find their place after losing their father, wealth, and social status. With a captivating story-line, memorable characters and the author’s remarkable writing style, this novel is sure to be on the best-sellers list very soon!

On New Year’s Day, business tycoon, Charles Belle, incurs life-threatening injuries from a horrific accident while on his way to see his oldest daughter on her birthday. Three days later he is pronounced dead. As his daughters Evelyn, Georgia, and Olivia mourn their father’s death, they are struck with yet more devastating news. Due to enormous financial discrepancies in their father’s, company they are to lose everything. Within days, the sisters, famously known as The Southern Belles, become destitute. The change marks a new era in each of their lives. Through the turmoil, they will get to view life in a different light, appreciate the value of hard work and realize that happiness and love are still attainable even after losing their inheritance.

Author, Katie Simpkins uses clever humor in the novel to add depth to the well-developed, interesting and likable characters. After the death of their father, the three sisters’ lives are fraught with challenges having never worked for anything in their lives. Still, their determination is evident as they face each day with resolve and as they use humor to overcome their fear. Conflict in this amazing book is established in the work as some of the sisters’ former friends find delight in their downfall. Evelyn, Georgia, and Olivia battle to prove that they are capable of fending for themselves and are not just spoilt, naïve women. Author, Katie Simpkins gathers a steady remarkable pace, following their individual lives as each sister tries to cope in her own way.

In, this unique and one-of-a-kind story, the author’s expressive and descriptive language had me on the scene drinking in the beauty while following the lives of the three sisters. The Southern Belles is a heartwarming, feel-good story, with an incredible twist at the end. It is definitely one of the best romance novels I have read in ages. The author, Katie Simpkins has an enchanting, original writing style, and an imagination rarely seen in contemporary romance books these days. This is a memorable story that readers will never forget, and will be recommending to their friends, family members and other readers who love astonishing, startling and beautiful romance novels. .

The Southern Belles by Katie Simpkins, which introduces The Brighton Belles Series, inspires and captivates through its suspenseful details and well-developed entertaining characters. This book is at the top of our list in romance reads, and one that Chick Lit Café is very proud to recommend!
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