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Satire March 05, 2018
A book that keeps you thinking
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This is one of those difficult books that keep you thinking on the subject long after you’ve gone through all its pages. At least this is what happened to me. “The Kitchens of Canton” is not an easy book to follow, as it jumps from one scenery to another, from one action to the next and even from one language to another.

We have our main character Jeff Malmquist who is lost in time and space. Somehow he is sent to different future scenarios, in a world wither ruled by China or Ancient Rome. He is trying to understand how he got there, why and what is happening? And I think that’s the most important question this book is raising. What is happening with us as humans, what is happening with our society. I see it as a raised flag towards what we see around us, the amount of indecency flowing around and most importantly, the lack of coherence.

The different languages used in the book may be confusing to us, as well as to our main character. We get to experience with him the puzzlement and the disturbing feeling caused by all the events. The sexual content is on the highest level. The intimate act is lacking emotion now. It is simply something that must be performed for the happiness of our masters. Huh, ain’t that funny? (I apologize!)

Isham Cook’s story is not one to be taken lightly. Society needs to shift its course towards the true values. We need to be focused on the things and subjects that really matter. Or else we become vain, dump and mere slaves of our own misery. I liked the approach, I liked how it was put into pages – 4 out of 5 stars.
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