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shadow guardians

Ken  Donaldson Updated
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Guardians of the Shadows

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Journalist Affair - Shadow Guardians
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shadow guardians

Book Description

Will Earth survive?
or will it be the end of our Earth once and for all?
With a massive invasion force of aliens from the fifth
dimension third paradelle sekitori quadrant, set to
How will Earth’s quarrelling warmongering human
forces deal with the biggest test that has ever
threatened the human race?
Who knows as this age-old parasitic vampirine
alien race living among us comes seeking total
supremacy over Earth.

Behind the Story
If you ask an Author how they would view the end of the world actually happening you are going to get many different answers. All of which will be based upon some kind of believe or fictional setting from where events either possible or in some cases even highly questionable to the down right absurd vision imaginable.
Which is where this story comes to life a possible yet maybe not probable means upon how the earth may or may not survive has been presented to you for both entertainment and certainly a great conversational topic to follow.

And now also sold on Ibook formats as well thanks to LULU' indie publishing platform.

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Shadow Guardians

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