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Crazy Rich Aliens

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Crazy Rich Aliens

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Crazy Rich Aliens
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Crazy Rich Aliens

Book Description

Penda is heiress to one of the richest families in southeast Asia. Her dream is to create a startup that will commercialize space travel to Mars. To go her own way will ruin her relationship with her family, which is already strained from her being openly gay. Paul, her twin brother, wants to maintain family traditions and is angry with Penda for turning her back on them. Worse, Penda’s business partner is Paul’s ex-fiancée.

At an elaborate costume ball, Penda and Paul meet Luke, a gorgeous stranger wearing an alien “costume”. They join him on an exotic yacht and after a night of partying, wake up on Tauran, a planet of gender-neutral beings. After their initial shock, Paul comes to view the trip as a business opportunity, while Penda prefers to learn about Tauran culture.

Penda soon falls for the amiable Timbor (Luke), heir to the richest fortune in the galaxy. Then the warm welcome to Tauran evaporates. Terrorists abduct Penda. She escapes but is relentlessly hunted. She must now evade government agents, xenophobes, and Timbor’s jealous suitor on a strange planet, while foiling a plot to invade Earth, and defending her new friend, an alien.

Praise for Crazy Rich Aliens:
“Crazy Rich Aliens is more than a parody." —New York Times bestselling author Andrew Shaffer

“A rip-roaring tale with Cannon’s trademark engagingly quirky aliens.” —Hugo Award-winner Morgan Gendel

“JC Canon’s strengths are on full display in Crazy Rich Aliens. The complex characters and detailed world-building will keep you coming back for every last bit of this fun and engrossing tale!” —J.D. Sanderson, author of AROUND THE DARK DIAL

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