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Science Fiction January 10, 2014
"'Emotional and entertaining, military adventure with unexpected twists'"
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bookshelves: fantasy-futuristic, favorites, ibooks, kindle, mystery, reveiws, romance, supernatural, adult, science-fiction, time-travel, suspense-action-thriller, military-action Recommended by: Jaqueline Patricks Recommended for: Those who enjoy science fiction, romance with adult rating Read from August 14 to September 10, 2013 First of all I want to say thankyou to Jaqueline for giving me this opportunity to read your spectacular book WOW! I think I have realised just how much I do love Science Fiction/fantasy/non-Fantasy stories and this is actually my third iv read in this cateorgeorgy. I quite liked Cass Baros even though she was quite stubborn at times, but that was just her nature. Luckily, her Fiancé, Julian Saunders was very patient with her....sometimes too patient but I just couldn't relate to him.. I did not like him at all, there was something sinister about Jules, something very dodgy. But then you have Captain Lewis, now that bloke is HOT and such an authority figure. I could easily fall for this type of man. I found this story interesting, quite emotional at times. It was absolutely wonderful meeting up with Captain Lewis once again after reading the prequel of this magnificent book "Broken Dreams" I found it extremely difficult putting this book down, so engrossed in the story from the first page. Cass and Jules, with there team all worked as scientists and they had to create a wom-hole A hypothetical connection between widely separated regions of space-time. She had always had dreams of a perfect world, without violence . They all worked so hard for this day to arrive and when all of a sudden the worm hole opened, Cass finally met her dream man Jeamon Have we all a destiny, a set purpose? Destined to be somewhere else than where we already are? Jeamon, even tho hes an Alien, he so dreamy. is he really an angel 'Are we alone in the Universe? I dnt think so' Love is a more powerful force than magic. You can trick the mind and even the heart, but never the soul. When a person is not free to love with their soul, that is not love and that is why a love spell can never truly work.” ― Nikki Jefford, Entangled tags: entangled, force, heart, love, love-spell, nikki-jefford, soul, what-is-love A very nice and pleasant ending and even tho I did find the last few chapters hard to read as I was found it to be so intense.....I was crying... I did thoughly enjoy the story so much and just can't wait for the next book.
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