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Science Fiction May 09, 2018
A Nice Political Take on the Future and Space
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This book sings with a Britisher's true grit, determination and eternal optimism. It opened really fast, then slowed down, almost bogged down until it reached a luxuriously casual climax of sorts. I really enjoyed the English slang terms scattered throughout Proximity, it helped me appreciate the aura of UK liberalism and anti-fascism abundant in this novel.

It starts with a bang, some highly sadistic plotters alienating our heroes and causing them great harm. Then, over time, it slowly debuts into a more engaging and slower paced journey of enlightenment about the Universe and politics.

My only objections were: it's not very deep. Not a lot of science fiction details about the system being built into the book, it was too short to detail much about the Solar System's futuristic governing system. Also, the print edition was double-spaced and thus had only about 80 words per page, making it a 100 page book if it was printed in typical one or 1.5 line spacing with 12 pt type font.

Short book, not enough time to really describe all the futuristic details of the new governing system. Finally, the print edition is not well edited yet, the author is working on that.

The ideas are all relatively sound, though - with some great professional editing, this book could certainly tell a great tale about how to govern the entire Solar System, while remaining extremely optimistic about Life meanwhile.
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