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Science Fiction June 12, 2014
Dawn of Control – A review of the novel ‘The Circuit: Executor Rising’
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“For the wise man looks into space and he knows there is no limited dimensions” - Lao Tzu Destruction of the world looks imminent, the end of the human race as we know it... not original or updated thoughts they are, for our fiction writers in both books and films have been toying with this idea as a sub genre of science fiction for a very long time now. So what is this grand fascination with a dystopian society in a post apocalyptic future that enthrals us all? Why are we so keen on destruction of this civilisation and the beginning of a new one? Perhaps it has got to do with a quiet resentment over the life as we know it or perhaps wanting to do away with some ills of this society which we hope wont present itself in the ‘new world’; a sort of rebooting the system, a fresh start, new beginnings, newer rules and newer classes... perhaps? But then why do all this ‘new worlds’ still resemble the old ones? With these new societies having the same kind of individuals at the helm who dictate or fame rules which enables the ruling class to always be one step ahead of the rest? Or maybe what they are trying to say is that we humans are never going to change, the inherent characteristic that makes us who we are will stay for eternity, and continue on with the rise and fall of many a great world. But let’s say such an apocalypse is upon us and earth as we know it has becomes inhabitable. So what do you do now? Well a long time ago theoretical physicist and also a cosmologist Stephen Hawking authored an idea for space colonization as a means of saving humanity. He predicted that the human race would become extinct within the next thousand years, unless colonies could be established in space. And space could technically support a lot more human life than the earth can do at the present. It can offer plenty of energy and the yet to be uncovered vast amounts of minerals and rare elements all support his views. In author Rhett C. Bruno’s new novel ‘The Circuit: Executor Rising’ such an apocalypse has hit earth a long time ago and space colonies have already been established and have become the order of the day. And this group of colonies even have a name; they are referred to as the Kepler Circuit. These colonies are kept in the loop of resources delivery by a group called the Solar-Ark transports and the most valuable and precious element is Gravitum which is unfortunately found only in the mantle of that old planet, earth. Peace and tranquillity of everyday living in this colony is soon brought to a halt when a new religious sect known as the New Earth Tribunal rises over to preside over most of The Circuit. Their enigmatic rise to power goes unchallenged until one day when their crafts of transport starts getting attacked and stolen. This soon leads to the New Earth Tribunal calling on a man, Cassius Vale for his help in solving their problem but unknown to them it is Cassius Vale himself along with a special creation of his, an android called ADIM who are responsible for the attacks. Why does he do so and what does Cassius Vale have in plan for The Circuit forms the rest of the story. Mr. Rhett not only manages to imbibe a strong message through his narration, but makes the book a real joy to read because at its core is a plot which is both enthralling & exciting with characters who are both complex and realistic and yet speak in a very beautiful language not usually found in sci - fi fiction. Alongside all this rich character development is an exciting world of alien technology and epic devastation, the descriptions of the battle scenes will fill your head with fantastic images. The narration maintains a fantastic sense of suspense, excitement, and wonder throughout while always keeping you on your toes guessing what is going to happen next. Rhett has also done a fantastic job in The Circuit: Executor Rising by capturing the human element of deep space exploration, with all its hopes and fears. And even though some of its main characters are flawed, Rhett finds a way for you to get inside their heads, understand them better and in the end you will end up empathising with each of them. Another good thing the author has managed to do is that even though such themes calls for the use of several incomprehensible jargon and made up scientific sounding words, Rhett has kept it to the minimum of at least tried to use them in such a manner as not to confuse the reader about the proceedings going on in the background. This book is the first in the series of (hopefully) many instalments. And there are a number of indicators in this first book itself which promises that the future books too will continue in the same lineage and continue to garner positive reviews. There are plenty of references to real life situations in the world today which are bound to make you sit up and notice the underlying message. The android’s quest to be more humanlike although not completely original still warms you up to the character and the deep philosophical questions that the author asks hiding behind the guise of voicing ADIM are also noteworthy. There is a discourse on love between Cassius and ADIM which will surely stay with you even after you have finished with the book. Rhett sets the series up for more stunning political & economic challenges that Cassius, Sage and ADIM will have to deal with along with Talon who wakes up from cryo sleep and gets ready for part two of the adventure. There is a big finish as well, the last 40 -50 pages of book will keep you on the tenterhooks as the action unfold on the pages before you. There’s this line from the book - “There are no monsters... only different perspectives”, which pretty much sums up what The Circuit: Executor Rising is all about. Recommend. Product Details • Paperback: 264 pages • Publisher: Mundania Press LLC (June 10, 2014) • Language: English • ISBN-10: 1606594044 • ISBN-13: 978-1606594049 Buy From - 
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