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70 Ways To Hear God

August 12, 2017  
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70 Ways To Hear God

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Full Title
70 Ways To Hear God
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  • eBook
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Rated G (all ages)

Book Description

In 70 Ways to Hear God, 1UniqueWriter chronicles 70 uncanny, spiritual experiences of when God spoke to her. The accounts contain a combination of mind-blowing prophetic encounters, revelations, dreams, and audible conversations. Insight is given about how and why the author is able to hear God so often and so clearly (without being a prophet).

Information is also given to help others:

• Identify why they aren’t hearing God.
• Discover what can be done to hear God.
• Recognize how God speaks.
• Get clarity regarding why certain things are (or aren’t happening).
• Become aware of God’s ever-present existence during times of loneliness.
• Build an intimate relationship with God.

Whether it’s a person who’s lonely, confused about their direction in life, discouraged from constant challenges, or merely seeking God’s voice, this book teaches how a person can hear God so they can receive guidance. According to the author, without guidance, it’s easy to get lost. Therefore, the author is sharing her experiences and wisdom to help others find their way (by finding out what God has to say).

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