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Short Stories November 03, 2017
gripped me as I read the first sentence
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The North Wind pounded the village ruthlessly as snow fell heavily onto the houses. It was a horrible day to bring a baby into the world. Herre has no one to help her with her pain. Stoneman proves unhelpful and goes to find White. Herre has to go through this horrific process by herself. The words of her mother come to her mind. She has to wait and do whatever it takes to get her baby safely to the end. It is all about the last moment, conserving all her strength and waiting for the defining end. Herre looks forward to Stoneman and White’s return; she wails and cries, at times screaming as she waits for her and her baby’s fate. These events surround the birth of Reina, in Reina: Dark of Winter Origins Short Story, #1 by Christopher Percy, based on a character in the novel, Dark of Winter. Christopher Percy’s book, Reina: Dark of Winter Origins Short Story, #1, gripped me as I read the first sentence of this short story. I was quickly propelled into an agonizing scene with Herre crying and in pain. Percy uses graphic words that easily paint the scene of the book in my mind. I could easily visualize the emotions surrounding the hut, almost hearing Herre’s wailing and feeling Stoneman’s confusion. Percy’s ability to use evocative language is on point, especially given the genre of the book. Additionally, the characters in the story add well to the plot. Frida’s brutality comes out clearly in the story. Reina by Christopher Percy will easily appeal to fans who love stories with a dark twist.

Reviewed by Edith Wairimu
for Readers' Favorite 
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