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Suspense August 20, 2014
Hang on for an Incredible Journey!
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I could not WAIT to start this book and was so glad it was one of a series. I savored this one and Coyote Cornered in the span of 2 days! I'm a hopeless romantic who loves food and wine so this book sucked me in from the start. The author made sure the reader connected with the characters from the very start. Her painstakingly vivid descriptions from the region... to the landscape.. to the smell of the food and the taste of fine wine had me believing I was there. I love a good romance read and Ms. Harman did NOT disappoint. I could easily identify with Elena and her need to become 'lost' in a quaint little town living incognito. I felt her loneliness and my heart ached as she tethered on whether to give of herself and let down her guard to this new man who fell into her path. Which brings us to the question...Do you believe in fate? Jordan Kramer is the man every woman could hope to meet! Handsome, sexy, educated, connoisseur of fine cuisine - what's not to like? The sexual attraction between Elena and Jordan was immediate. The exchanges between these two had me tingling... I can't lie. I don't want to give the story away, but I can tell you this love story was amazing. All the elements exist here. You've got a crime, suspects, a sexy detective, a beautiful woman....suspense and romance all 'corked' up into a fine, well bodied book. My kudos to you Dianne Harman for giving me a totally enjoyable reading experience. I'm hooked and I'm a fan!
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