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Suspense August 21, 2014
This COYOTE Series Just Keeps Getting Better!
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I read Coyote in Provence and Cornered Coyote in just 2 days. I flat out could not put these books down and they consumed my life for the full 2 days. Just when I thought I'd we'd see Jordan and Elena (aka Maria) happily married off we get a plot twist and WHAMMY! What a plot twist....Never saw that one coming. Enter another few characters to fall in love with. I've gotta say...these sexy detectives are gonna be the death of me! Suave, sweet talkin' Slade Kelly converges on us and boy does he have a secret to share. This book just kept coming with new turns. I experienced probably every emotion.. I teared up when Elena/Maria came back to the States only to run up against a brick wall. My heart ached for her; she gave in and followed her heart trusting that she would be safe. You'll have to read the book to see how that plays out. We also meet Darya, a beautiful cosmetics executive who has more than the cosmetics business in her color palate. This emotional roller coaster will take you places you would never think of. You'll literally fall head over heels in love with this book. I did not want the book to end. It is without a doubt an INCREDIBLE read. Kudos again Diane Harman. You've nailed it!
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