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Suspense August 21, 2014
Highly recommended
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"Cornered Coyote" by Dianne Harman is a superb and gripping sequel to the previous, and equally exquisite books in her Coyote Series. I was lucky enough to receive an Advance Review Copy of the book and devoured it within days of its arrival, despite a heavy workload of my own. This time round Maria returns to California, trusting her cop boyfriend will get her through immigration without problems, but she is arrested for the murder of her husband. It is her business partner, Darya, who comes to Maria's aid by getting the right kind of people to take action. There are several romantic story lines with some very sexy scenes and great chemistry between the partners, there is excellent and convincing court room drama, legal and illegal plotting and scheming and the return of characters from the first two books. The dialogue is cleverly interspersed with the characters' thoughts, lending more perspective and spice to the scenes. Harman has made this instalment a firework of action, romance and suspense. As with her previous books she understands to build her characters in a colourful and intriguing way, always poignant and witty. Well paced, written with excellent attention to detail and a talent for fleshing out the scenes with the right amount of detail this really hit all my buttons. Highly recommended for fans of well written crime fiction.
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