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Cut-Throat Syndrome

September 30, 2017  
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Cut-Throat Syndrome

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Cut-Throat Syndrome
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Rated R (not suitable for those 17 and under)

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Cut-Throat Syndrome

Book Description

Newest addition to the murder mystery series featured on NBC’s Daytime Show, the fourth book of the Lance Underphal Mysteries is part of a new breed of supernatural thrillers which can be read and enjoyed in any order. Tangled in international intrigue, this is one of those dark adventures that delves into a disturbing world too close for comfort. Read this one and you will never be the same.

* A live news broadcast interrupted, pirated by an anonymous hacker group

* A drone packed with explosives, flown into the jet engine of a Chinese airliner on takeoff

* A headless corpse of an unidentified teenager, discovered in a construction landfill

* A CIA informant, gone rogue on the Dark Web

* A reluctant psychic, plagued with visions of the puppet masters

Looking for a new breed of supernatural thrillers? Paranormal mysteries of murder and suspense? Perhaps a psychic detective series which can be read and enjoyed in any order? Or maybe one of those scary books you can’t put down? Regardless, the dark, disturbing novels by Indie Author, Michael Allan Scott, won’t disappoint.

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