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Thrillers August 23, 2014
Excellent thriller
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“The Imposter” by Judith Townsend Rocchiccioli is the author’s second book in her amazing series of gripping medical thrillers. The first was a great set up for the characters and the scene setting at the Crescent City Medical Center. This follow up opens with a most gruesome crime that sends newly promoted police commander Jack Francoise into a swearing frenzy. The location is the exotic and hot French Quarter in New Orleans. The focus of this particular thriller is on psychopaths and the criminally insane. The author shows how tough the psych wards really are and how dangerous and difficult the job is. Alex Destephano is a lawyer in the administration with a talent for crime solving. When a friend of hers is brutally attacked she decides to get involved. Alex is a wonderful character with ambiguous feelings towards her ex-husband Robert, who also works at the hospital and with her on the case. Jack, the police commander, is equally engaging and his love life adds spice to the investigation. As other reviewers have pointed out, Rocchiccioli has extensive medical and administrative knowledge which makes the thriller so realistic and convincing. The crimes are gruesome and I found the tone of this novel overall darker yet also more gripping and addictive. For me the book was a very intense reading experience that had me so drawn into the story that I finished the book in almost one sitting. An excellent thriller that makes you look forward to the next.
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