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Thrillers December 13, 2017
Past meets present! I loved it!
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received a review copy of this book and almost 100 pages that made me forget how time passes by and made me wonder how come this is over? Not so fast! “The Vestals Conspiracy” is a great start for a series, is a promise of more mysteries that will be uncovered by the great professors.

Nina Monte’s passion for history and ancient religion is visible from the start, from her efforts to answer all the requests she receives of lectures or participations in projects in her line of work. However, when her former professor and mentor Filippo Oliveri asks her support in his latest archeological founding, she comes to his aid. What they discover is far beyond their wildest dreams. Past and present reunite as they follow the mysteries of a religious group of women serving the roman goddess Vesta.

In their search, they will face people with less than honorable intentions, they will have their faith put to the test only to realize the importance of what they uncovered. Suffice to say that this novella is worth your time. And if you need more incentives to start the entire series, at the end of this book there are three chapters from “Fast Track to Glory” that will nurture that curiosity.

Even if I am mostly a Romance and YA reader, this type of historical mystery is always a joy.
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