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Thrillers March 05, 2018
A Sparkle of Hope!
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First off, this romantic story reads as a casual novel of exquisite style; featuring some dramatic twists and turns, nonetheless. It portrays the time of the Cold War in a very touchy human form. The main protagonists, namely Edward Torrens, the British guy, on one hand, and Yulia, the stunning Russian girl, on the other, are two 'innocent' people that both don't seem to belong to the world of cruelty, espionage, scheming, greed etc.
Perhaps the latter contrast between beauty and evil intentions is the main theme throughout the book. Here, I could just mention the nasty uncle of Yulia's and her 'powerless' mother. Also, Edward's previous ladies, including his 'current' wife, appeared so inappropriate in his already messed-up life. Even his own nice brother married Eddie's nanny; a good-looking lady that he wasn't indifferent to either.

On top of that, this wasn't the first instance Edward felt so much guilt in his life. His best friend and colleague Don's death probably wasn't an accident, or a suicide to that matter. It was treated as murder by the police and MI5, although Rolls Royce tried to claim it was an accident. Allegedly, it was the Soviets who did it. Nevertheless, Ed thought it was all his fault and felt terrible when he had to talk to his widow. He desperately wanted to make up things, somehow.
There is a great twist, which I didn’t guess.

Moreover, the powerful airplane engines are also likened to screaming angels with souls. This metaphor is really gripping, reinforced by some substantial background research into the field of aeronautics, interwoven masterfully into the plot.
Overall, the story sounds and feels very romantic. It makes the woman the real prime mover and main protagonist, after all, bringing a sparkle of hope where there seems to be none.
On a more personal note, I truly enjoyed the descriptions of various geographical settings, including the Balkans, at the time. The author brings all those places to life so naturally.
Highly recommended to readers that enjoy quality literature.
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