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Thrillers October 13, 2017
Quality historical suspense
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Having recently read Ken's brilliant novels RED GROUND and THE LAZARUS SUCCESSION, I was thrilled to learn that he's written another so soon. The book description intrigued me. I enjoy historical suspense thrillers with a touch of the mystical, and I was keen to get started. Thankfully, I was not disappointed; THE PATMOS ENIGMA was an excellent read from start to finish. Set in Israel, and spanning two millennia, the story is told at a perfect pace. A biblical artifact has been unearthed in a cave complex beneath the desert. Their significance far exceeds their humble appearance, however. Those responsible for the find - archaeologists Rachael Carver, Simon Rockwell and Joshua Agar - are excited by their discovery, but they're unaware of the dark conspiracy being hatched under their noses. Soon, their lives are at risk as an ancient force covets their prize. The Wandering Jew, cursed by Christ, will wreak havoc to accomplish his goals, and he and his minions will commit any crime to establish a New World Order. As always with Mr Fry's work, the plot is fast and full of mystery. Unlike some of its peers, it doesn't get bogged down with too much historical detail. The pertinent myths and legends are told, with intriguing flashbacks to antiquity and the Renaissance, but the focus is on the here and now. Given their willingness to murder for their beliefs, the fanatical AWC are oddly topical. Two of their number are particularly impressive in their characterisation; one is evil incarnate, the other an indoctrinated zealot. The "good guys" are also well-depicted with believable motivations. Overall, THE PATMOS ENIGMA is a superb book. If you're into Dan Brown or Indiana Jones, you'll enjoy it just as much as me. An easy 5 stars! 

Reviewed by Stuart Kenyon 
Amazon UK
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