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Thrillers December 13, 2017
An enticing adventure, where nothing is as it seems
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After reading “The Vestals Conspiracy”, I was lucky to have been given the opportunity to read and review the next installment, or actually the first real installment in The Nina Monte Mystery Thriller Series. I must say that it was not a disappointment at all. On the contrary, it was a fast paced novel, with action on every page. Fans of Dean Brown will for sure appreciate this book, but not only them. I am not part of this category, but I do like a good adventure novel, with intrigue and a dose of mystery. Nina Monte is an exceptional professor of ancient religions and many seek her advice in matters related to relics or proving the authenticity of artifacts. This is why she is called to attend a meeting in Germany. She is to find a man named van der Venn and decide upon the authenticity of his discovery. She is not given any details at all and this entices her more. So she starts a journey to Italy, then Austria to finally arrive in India.    Crime, bribery and danger are what follow her in her adventures. She meets Alessandro Pini who will accompany her and together they will shed light on what is really going on. Tomasz Chrusciel has this amazing ability to turn things around with every page, all the while keeping the reader captivated by all the twists in the plot. The description of places, the abundance of characters and point of views are just some other things that make this story exceptional. The journey is not only a race to decipher the meaning of the mysterious artifact, but as well one of self-discovery. Nina works with facts, with things that have a logical explanation, that can be proved. But she will be united with the spiritual aspect of her personality. Alessandro is not the bravest person in the world, he is not even a good runner. But by the end of the book, he will be a worthy companion to Nina. There is a little romance going on, ignited by the adrenalin mostly. This is a series worth following for sure. A new book will be released this year so I am looking forward for it. But you guys should check both “The Vestals Conspiracy” and “Fast Track to Glory”. Both books have religious discoveries and both books are amazing! Enjoy :)
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