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Thrillers November 15, 2017
" Exceptional story line"
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eBooks are a weakness of mine. I agree to read so many and after all the daily free Amazon downloads and the hundreds of other ebooks on my devices, books get lost. I promise that this book did not take four months to read. I actually got about halfway through it, then for the past few months have been buried in library books, that with no strings attached always get first priority because of their due dates. Anyways, last weekend I finally found out that I never finished this book. I ended up starting it from the beginning again because it had been so long and I had finished the entire thing within 24 hours. Gun Kiss is a lighter, quick read and was full of adventure that made the time fly by. Exceptional story line. I loved the action and fast pace of the developments constantly building off of one another. Khaled Talib fit so much into this book that it was so fun to read because there was never a dull spot. Gun Kiss held a fun, unique backstory that had you guessing what direction it would take next full of unexpected twists and turns. I did enjoy the plot points, but the thing that held Gun Kiss from perfection was the rush that although invigorating came with some lack of depth. Points were getting introduced so rapidly and each scene would bounce to the next, when sometimes the low moments could have held the potential to carry even more epic high times. I wanted even more development. I wanted the plotting and scheming (even though they went into things with no plan the majority of the time), so that I would feel more apart of the cast and feel more involved. 

May 15, 2018
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