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This is an All-American story
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No Pit So Deep (The Cody Musket Story Book 1) by James Nathaniel Miller, II is a remarkable story and novel which everyone must read – 5 Big Stars! This story leaves me speechless. This is an emotional gut-wrenching story that is way too common in America. I applaud the soldiers who make it to normalcy after their military service in places that become a blip on the news and media outlets. In this novel, I cried for their losses, celebrated their happiness, and valued every step of their journey. The Cody and Brandi Musket story, No Pit So Deep, should be read by every American who resides under the freedom our military provides every hour of the day and night. Why? Read the following. This is an All-American story; baseball, military heroes’, romance, and the overcoming of demons from our past, that want to dispute the love of an all-knowing God who watches over us. You’ll see the friction of the evil vs good opposing forces in this novel, and the battle endured by many to become of right mind after their military engagement. Many military veterans face this in their waking hours and nightmares at night. Countless lives have been lost because of PTSD and seeing no way out from the abyss. This is a gut-wrenching story of courage under constant never-ceasing fire. The tension in dramatic scenes is emotionally intense with just the right amount of pressure to clarify the action within the story and move it along. Yes, romance lovers, there’s an overriding story of love against the odds as a foundation. When I finished the last word on the final page, I knew I had to read the next novel in the series to know how Cody and Brandi fared in the next novel. I promise you will too. This is one of the best novels I’ve read in this genre. I clearly understand it winning outstanding book accumulates and hope to see it on the wide-screen. James Nathaniel Miller, II – Fiction containing real events, No Pit So Deep (The Cody Musket Story Book 1) by James Nathaniel Miller II, is a must-read for everyone. Highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.
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