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Undercover: Operation Julie - The Inside Story
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Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)

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This unflinching memoir … opens up a world of drugs, crime, passion, and fear in a way that no other book has ever been able to do: because it's true… Bentley's sympathetic and yet tough view on those that he met and the people that both helped and hindered him is gripping, and his narrative sweep can sometimes make you forget that this is fact, not fiction - Review Excerpt

Operation Julie is still today the "point of reference" for all British undercover operations and training. The BBC in 2011 claimed this massive and unique police operation was the start of the "war on drugs."

The author, Stephen Bentley, was one of four undercover detectives engaged on Operation Julie, one of the world's largest drug busts. He, together with his undercover partner, not only infiltrated the gang producing around 90 percent of the world's LSD but also uncovered a plot to import huge quantities of Bolivian cocaine into the UK.

The drugs underworld knew the author as Steve Jackson. How did he successfully infiltrate the two gangs? Did he have to take drugs? How did 'living a lie' affect him? Discover the answers and get inside the mind of Steve Jackson, undercover detective …

I found it a fascinating, straightforward, honest account of an insider who was in truth an outsider. It’s a tale of outrageous greed, lust, violence and the bravery of a few men who had an admirable goal and how they managed it. An insider’s perspective of the drug trade, told with charm, intelligence, and at times humor, by a talented man, uniquely qualified to dish the real story, who above all was an honest decent man. Just a plain good read. - Review Excerpt

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Undercover: Operation Julie - The Inside Story

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