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Queen of Hart

Violeta  Bagia Updated
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Queen of Hart
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Queen of Hart

Book Description

Ace had always known that trusting her gut was the right thing to do, she knew it back in Iraq, she knew it on the field, and she knows it better than ever as she stares down her own fate.
Illarion doesn’t want to hear it though, he doesn’t want to hear that the only way this war ends, is with Ace.
But as the greatest test of her mind and power finds her in the form of a twisted game and deep betrayal, she realizes that the tests of her power, of her domination are all set to challenge her worth.
Agent Ace Hart has faced down her toughest opponents, she’s survived deadly conditions and even her own mortality. But when she finds herself at a crossroads and those she loves threatened by an immovable force controlled by the Taker, she’ll have to hope that the right choice was made.
Will her strength and resolve to do what’s right be enough or has the Darkness already claimed her?
Will she be able to stop herself from making a choice that can never be undone?

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