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The Sage's Legacy Boxset

Alexa Whitewolf Updated
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Full Title
The Sage's Legacy Boxset: Complete Series
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Rated for Readers
Rated PG-13 (questionable content for children under 13)

Book Description

Long ago, there was a prophecy... Then the gods of Ancient Egypt withdrew to shadows and were forgotten.

In modern-day Scotland, Freya Hayes tries to live up to the expectation of her Sage heritage. The Earth is no longer as it was - rather, ghosts populate it far and wide. Though benevolent for the most part, evil stirs their rank and causes trouble. Freya's duty? To protect the Earth, using her enhanced strength and spiritual abilities to fight back.

From Scotland to Spain, Slovakia and the remote deserts of Egypt, Freya's journey will be one of personal growth - and never ending surprises. She'll be joined by a Wiseman, Brennan, who's not all he seems. Together, these two partners shoulder the weight of the world in the way only teenagers can - with grit, snark and a load of attitude.

Grab your copy of this urban fantasy saga for young adults that critics are calling "a new take on the paranormal" and "filled with attitude and a sharp tongue."

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