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Westerns September 28, 2014
The Kid I Knew – A review of the novel ‘Lone Horseman’
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“Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both” - Eleanor Roosevelt Long before the age of reason, men looked up at the sky through their telescopes in an attempt to find intelligent life and other worlds in the universe, all the while ignoring the intelligent life that exists in front of them and the magical and mesmerising world they live in. While many people consider the possibilities for achievement the human mind and body are capable of, very few travel that path, and so very seldom do men achieve the ultimate satisfaction of becoming who they were meant to be. Author Richard Dawes returns with a brand new novel ‘Lone Horseman’ which is the fifth title in the Tucson Kid Western series. This brand new saga of the Tucson Kid finds him accompanying a father and daughter on a cattle drive from Nevada to Arizona. A young girl of eighteen, Nora Eddington, seeks new experiences and adventures before going off to college to become a writer. And new experiences are exactly what she gets on this trip. The Tucson Kid as usual is at the forefront of bringing justice to a violent situation, and is also instrumental in transforming this naive but intelligent girl into a mature young woman. Lone Horseman is different from the other books in the series. The author has narrated the tale from the perspective of a woman recounting her experience of meeting and spending time with the Tucson Kid. And this is where it gets so interesting, because it is fascinating to see how easily Richard slips into the voice of Nora, the ‘writer’ of the Tucson saga in this book. It’s also interesting to see the different ways the story of the Tucson Kid can now be told, since he has already become an established literary hero. That being said, the book still retains all of the elements that make this series so enjoyable, the action, the romance and the intellectual word play are all there. But unlike the lone mission plot line of other books in the series, here it has a more episodic feel with Nora remembering each and every incident and ‘fight’ that furthers the myth of the Tucson Kid. In Lone Horseman we are given a different perspective on The Tucson Kid. It's refreshing and interesting to see him through the eyes of a young girl who is also a writer. Since Nora is depicted as a keen observer, the narrative is very detailed and explorative. This time, having the companionship of a naturally curious and inquisitive woman, we get to see the Tucson Kid open up more, and are able to get a better understanding of the inner workings of his psyche. And Tucson as usual is at his intellectual and philosophical best when he’s not shooting people down. For fans of the series, reading about their favourite Kid in a new light will be a unique experience. For new readers, it will give insight into the writing prowess of Richard Dawes who has successfully created this alternate female voice to tell the tale of this magnificent fighter. Lone Horseman is in some ways a genre defying book for it makes you think a lot and savour the great insight into the human mind that Richard so effortlessly narrates through the Kid. Life altering and life affirming, the tale of Lone Horseman is as much about Nora Eddington as it is about the Tucson Kid. Called to leave the normal, consensual world given to her by her parents, Nora must step into the dark and dangerous world of struggle, power and achievement inhabited by Tucson. It’s a new direction the author has taken with this book and this effort must be applauded and appreciated. Lone Horseman has made the wait for the next book in the series ‘Comanche Gold’ much more exciting! 
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