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NEW BOOK RELEASE: Pre Order Hartman House on Kindle

A L Wright Updated
NEW BOOK RELEASE: Pre Order Hartman House on Kindle
New book by A L Wright available on July 31st! Pre Order Hartman House for Kindle on

Rodelle has been chased by Hunters most of her grown life. She had lost her parents when she was very young, before they could teach her how to use her magic. Branded a witch by the orphanage she lived in, she was cast out and made to survive on her own. Moving constantly and avoiding people kept her safe for several years, but also made it hard for a certain group of rescuers to track her down. Until now.
Being rescued and brought into the Hartman House was more than she ever expected. A stable home surrounded by people who she could share her magic with was a dream come true. And the spell over the house that kept them all safe, including the werewolves and vampires that lived there, too, was terribly intriguing. Rodelle felt compelled to study the spell since no one that lived there knew how it worked. With a spell to study, rescues to help with, and a smoldering hot yet dark and dangerous vampire to distract her, what else could she possibly fit into her life?


  • dark fantasy
  • fantasy
  • magic
  • Supernatural
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