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INTERVIEW NEWS: Stephanie Osborn on Spinning Logic

Stephanie Osborn Updated
INTERVIEW NEWS: Stephanie Osborn on Spinning Logic
Jason Havey of Spinning Logic and Stephanie Osborn discuss life, the universe, and everything, including her latest books!

Stephanie Osborn, an Astronomer by trade, is a 20 year veteran in the civilian space program helping with numerous space shuttle flights, the International Space Station and astronaut training. She holds degrees in Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. And now in retirement she has become a best selling author of over 20 books include some science fiction epics like Burnout: The Mystery of Space Shuttle STS-281 and the critically acclaimed Displaced Detective Series. Go deep into the origins of the universe(s) in this phenomenal conversation.


  • science
  • space
  • space program
  • space shuttle
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