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NEW BOOK RELEASE - Piercing the Darkness - Preorder

Aaron-Michael Hall Updated
Piercing the Darkness is the third novel in The Rise of Nazil trilogy. Pentanimir has taken his place as Zaxson to establish peace in Faélondul. None could have known the sycophant of Sanctium would be awakened and with her, the darkness of the Doh’Mahn Vwazi T’reyUhm.

Piercing the Darkness is the final chapter in this Adult Epic Fantasy trilogy. The complexity builds, as does the cast brought forth in defense of the lands and the Benoists. The mystery, intrigue, and manipulation reach unheard of levels as the plot mounts to its inevitable end.

“Aaron-Michael Hall doesn’t disappoint with the shocking twists and turns he’s delivered so eloquently throughout this series. He masterfully weaves a story with such intricacy it demands your full concentration. When all the secrets are revealed, you’ll be left speechless and begging for more.”


  • dark fantasy
  • fantasy
  • fantasy thriller
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Piercing the Darkness
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