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HOT NEW BOOK RELEASE: A Deconstruction Most Beautiful

Mark BinmoreMark Binmore   October 27, 2017  
HOT NEW BOOK RELEASE: A Deconstruction Most Beautiful
Th brand new novel by Mark Binmore (Now Is Not The Time For Trumpets, Simply Divine, Take Down The Flags & Nemesis) Beautiful Deconstruction has just been released. The book sees people come to terms with the past, make peace with inner demons and learn to say goodbye to loved ones. A story of love, of loss and time. In short, what it feels like to grow older. Beautiful Deconstruction charts the disintegration of the idyll between Douglas and Anthony as they leave their retreat in France and return full circle for an uncertain future in London..

Reviewed as "Tragically beautiful," and "the most poignant of Marks books."


  • New Release
  • Now in paperback!
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