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HOT BOOK REVIEW: Prelude - Very Creative

Jodi Naylor   January 08, 2018  
HOT BOOK REVIEW: Prelude - Very Creative
I was given a copy of this book for my honest review. This was a little different than the usual paranormal type books I read first of all. There was a lot of information included, but I think for the readers benefit it needed to be placed . Although I often found the storyline moving upward quickly, captivating me, other times it felt as if everything was at a snails pace, pushing me to read.
I loved the overall story, evil vs good, Angel vs Demon , in a most creative way I've read thus far. A families history , a love for a sister, a small group of teens into adulthood, as life transforms everything around them.

“Your life from now on, is not your own. You were born to fight evil and protect innocence"
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