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HOT NEW REVIEW: ★★★★★ A Storm of Secrets "blazing fast-paced steampunk thriller""

Judith Price Updated
This book was a fascinating adventure in the steampunk genre. The tension from chapter to chapter kept me gripped to reading what would happen next. The multiple stories in this thriller made me catch my breath to what Elizabeth and Samuel (husband and wife) would come up against after every corner in each of the plots. The scenes were so believable I stopped and wondered if the author had somehow been transported back in time to witness them before writing the meticulous vision of each one. The details were so far into steampunk I felt I was being given lessons on it. The combination of a former detective hooking up with a psychic made the story reminiscent of an alluring and charming history read.

I highly recommend this to seasoned steampunk genre readers and more importantly to newbies. This book will give you first-hand details of what you need to know to dive into other books in this genre.
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