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HOT NEW REVIEW: ***** Small Hearts "Winner of Reader’s Favorite 5 Star Award"

HOT NEW REVIEW: ***** Small Hearts "Winner of Reader’s Favorite 5 Star Award"
Small Hearts by Bryan W. Dull takes us on a skillfully written journey that’ll give you chills, and make you cry, but you’ll want to continue reading to the end. A surprising, amazing must-read story for paranormal, suspense and horror enthusiasts.

Emily Sinclair, a former educator now living as a recluse, is in a fitful state. She had no other choice but to leave the school after her third-grade students were shot at Marie-Glen Elementary. The anxiety of leaving and facing the people of the town inhabited her thoughts day and night. The nightmares torture her until her brain feels warped and unnatural unlikely to return to normal. Too tired to fight her way out, she gives into the darkness and sinks into the epitome of hell. As her body is submerged into the dreamscape, she hears wailing, then the sound of small voices, and hearts she recognized. She feels the little hands pushing her up and out of the murky confines she’d sunk into. She pleads with them to stop, but their answer was no, she must go on. Standing she realized the landscape and her body had returned to normal. Yet, there was something out there tempting to obstruct the light. Who or what was blocking her way now?

You’ll lose yourself in the story hoping the now ghostly children from the school’s massacre will find peace and leave Emily alone. She needs to grieve and come to terms with the deaths of the children, and the loss of her reputation, and her fiancé. The twists and turns in Small Hearts are unexpected and make a meaningful contribution to the overall story. Yes, this is, primarily, a horror novel, with graphic storytelling; however, if readers will give this book a read, you, like me, will want to see this become a number one bestseller. Why? Someone needed to tell this story, and the author does an amazing job with sensitivity to this societal horror.

The author, Bryan W. Dull, boldly takes a present nightmare, albeit horror for society, and creates a story with unforgettable fictional characters. His provocative story based on true events sends a strong message about crime in our country and at the same time offers us hope for the future. Brilliantly written and a must-read adult horror fiction. Small Hearts by Bryan W. Dull is highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews.
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