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Psych Meds Made Simple
Breaking News Ashley L. PetersonAshley L. Peterson Updated July 01, 2019
Download the Kindle version of Psych Meds Made Simple on Amazon for free on July 1/19!
Day of the Spiders
Breaking News Brian OBrian O'Gorman Updated October 31, 2018
Horror sequel Day of the Spiders is free on Halloween and the first of November. Happy Halloween everybody...
BOOK PROMO: FREE to read 'The Novice Ghost Hunter'
Breaking News Martin J. BestMartin J. Best Updated September 10, 2018
The creepy short story prequel to the Ghost Hunter series of novels is FREE to read for Kindle, Kobo, and Nook! The creepy short story...
Breaking News angela gascoigneangela gascoigne Updated March 11, 2018
Treat yourself to some love this Mother's Day and grab a FREE copy of The Seasons of Our Love by Angela Gascoigne TODAY ONLY! 17 reviews on Amazon UK plus...
Breaking News Brian OBrian O'Gorman Updated June 26, 2017
The Darker Side of Jeremy Franco and Its in the Water have been added to the Permafree list on Nook, Kobo, ibooks and Google Play.
Maggie Bosworth
Breaking News Brian OBrian O'Gorman Updated May 29, 2017
The Final Wish of Maggie Bosworth is permanently free on Nook, Kobo, iBooks and Google Play. Still only 99p on Kindle. Maggie Bosworth is forced to start all over again...
Breaking News Jeremy G. WoodsJeremy G. Woods Updated February 04, 2017
If you love mystery novels, you won't want to miss this book giveaway! It ends this Tuesday, February 7!
Maggie Bosworth
Breaking News Brian OBrian O'Gorman Updated January 17, 2017
The Final Wish of Maggie Bosworth will be free on Kindle from the 20th-23rd January
BOOK FREEBEE:  Halfway to Creepy 2
Breaking News Anthony MaysAnthony Mays Updated October 27, 2019
Download FREE Dec 16-18 - Replace the chill of winter with these 'creepy' short stories reminiscent of Twilight Zone and Hitchcock creations.
BOOK FREEBEE: Halfway to Magnolia House
Breaking News G Guest Updated December 13, 2016
FREE Dec 13-15 I wrote this novel with the intention of it being two stories - a modern fiction about a young woman whose life needs direction, and the making...
BOOK FREEBEE: Halfway to the Truth
Breaking News G Guest Updated December 08, 2016
Savannah, Georgia's hotbed of secrets continues after shipping tycoon Viktor Drakos suddenly dies leaving his son to take over operations. Truth is put ahead of love when a young reporter,...
BOOK FREEBEE: Halfway to Uncertainty
Breaking News G Guest Updated December 04, 2016
FREE 3 Days only (Dec 6-8). Like suspense? Then unravel the code in this coast to beyond thriller that tries to stay one step ahead of the Colombian Drug Cartel....
BOOK FREEBEE: Halfway to a Southern Heart
Breaking News G Guest Updated December 02, 2016
FREE 3 Days only (December 3-5). The mother and daughter story that started it all. You'll learn that the Mississippi River separates more than states - it separates hearts....
5 stars SP.jpg
Breaking News Julian M ColemanJulian M Coleman Updated November 20, 2016
Stolen Prophet: The Prophet's Mother - Book 1; A MONSTER of a Mother! Read for FREE and let me know what you think.
HOT FREEBEE: The Volunteer
Breaking News Sarah Elizabeth NorthwoodSarah Elizabeth Northwood Updated November 14, 2016
The ebook for my international bestselling horror novella will be free to download on kindle from Monday 14th November to Friday 18th Novemeber. I'd be honoured if you would...
Chasing Victory 900X1350.jpg
Breaking News Joanne  JaytanieJoanne Jaytanie Updated November 19, 2016
Everybody’s chasing Victory: a power-hungry scientist, a corrupt conglomerate, and her own government. Chasing Victory is free through November 28. Over 100 reviews. 4.7 overall rating. Download your book on...
Breaking News Brian OBrian O'Gorman Updated August 30, 2016
Brian O'Gorman's debut novel is now free to download on Smashwords.
TNG Cover.jpg
Breaking News Martin J. BestMartin J. Best Updated August 03, 2016
The short story that started the Ghost Hunter series is FREE on Amazon Kindle until 07/08!
SPECIAL PROMOTION:  Final Day Ebook Giveaway For The Secret Of Heaven
Breaking News Felix  AlexanderFelix Alexander Updated July 16, 2016
When investment banker Lazzaro de Medici is found dead, Professor of Biblical Studies at University of Illinois at Chicago Aiden Leonardo is the prime suspect. In possession of an encrypted...
SPECIAL PROMOTION: Dawn of the Spiders: Special Edition Free Giveaway
Breaking News Brian OBrian O'Gorman Updated June 18, 2016
The new edition of Brian O'Gorman's international best seller Dawn of the Spiders is FREE from Monday 20th June until Friday 24th June on Kindle.
47 results - showing 1 - 20
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