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5 Stars

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HOT NEW REVIEW:  ★★★★★ One for Sorrow
Breaking News LillyLilly Updated February 26, 2018
Secretes and spies Secret organizations looking for a device that can produce a massive amount of energy, what could go wrong with this book? Well, nothing! It...
HOT NEW REVIEW: ★★★★★ Dii’s Review of Six Minutes Early
Breaking News Patrick M ParkerPatrick M Parker Updated January 06, 2018
Discover intrigue, espionage, and what goes on behind the black curtain of security in this fabulous thriller that never lets up! Heroes will rise, fall and remain unsung, and Patrick...
HOT NEW REVIEW: Mine, Forever and Always 5-Star Review
Breaking News Tammy L. BaileyTammy L. Bailey Updated March 26, 2017
Up Til Dawn Book Blog just reviewed my new Historical Romance Novella: Mine, Forever and Always. ★★★★★ "This novella was a...
HOT NEW REVIEW: Nemisis - Beautiful. Simply beautiful ★★★★★
Breaking News NB Nicole Brooks Updated December 09, 2016
"I run back inside, I turn off the light, look out into the open night, my mind flies open and the dark comes white with falling snow..." Mark Binmore has...
HOT NEW REVIEW:  The Volunteer ★★★★★
Breaking News Sarah Elizabeth NorthwoodSarah Elizabeth Northwood Updated November 02, 2016
After reading this book, I went straight back to the beginning and read it again. The author has given the characters so much depth and strength, so much so they...
HOT NEW REVIEW:  The Caravan of Love, Annie's Journal ★★★★★
Breaking News angela gascoigneangela gascoigne Updated November 01, 2016
5 STARS for The Caravan of Love by Annie Lancaster/Angela Gascoigne! Adored it! Welshcol Every now and again...
Breaking News angela gascoigneangela gascoigne Updated October 03, 2016
I was delighted to receive this outstanding 5 STAR review for my latelst book, Branded. Please check it out hear:
Breaking News Celeste PraterCeleste Prater Updated July 20, 2015
Rave 5 Star Book rating/review for FUELED BY LUST: MAKAR AND BARUCH. Review link at: Reviewed by Daria: "What...
HOT NEW REVIEW: 5 Stars for Mission Veritas
Breaking News John T. MurphyJohn T. Murphy Updated February 25, 2015
"As a primarily non-fiction reader, I decided to color outside my normal literary lines and experience Mission Veritas. Not far into the book, I found myself alongside the protagonist, pulling...
9 results - showing 1 - 9