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AUTHOR GIVEAWAY:  Elemental's MC series
Breaking News Alexi  FerreiraAlexi Ferreira Updated December 02, 2017
A chance to win a signed copy of WULF (book 1) and BJARNI (book 2) in the Elemental's MC series. ...
HOT NEW BOOK RELEASE: A Deconstruction Most Beautiful
Breaking News Mark BinmoreMark Binmore Updated October 29, 2017
Th brand new novel by Mark Binmore (Now Is Not The Time For Trumpets, Simply Divine, Take Down The Flags & Nemesis) Beautiful Deconstruction has just been released. The...
NOW ON PAPERBACK: The Gracious Wife
Breaking News Raebeth McGee-BudaRaebeth McGee-Buda Updated February 06, 2017
Marriage can be surreal, unpredictable, and enticing all at the same time. We find and fall in love with our best friend, and all of our dreams seem to be...
Charlie the Horse now in paperback!
Breaking News Deanie Humphrys-DunneDeanie Humphrys-Dunne Updated January 22, 2016
The adorable, award-winning tale, Charlie the Horse, will soon be available in paperback. We'll update you when it's released. The story has been revised with even more information to...
4 results - showing 1 - 4