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Sheila LoweSheila Lowe Updated April 24, 2019
This is my first introduction to Sheila Lowe and it a psychological thriller that you won't want to miss. She has absolutely hit this one out of the ball park....
Paula  HirtlePaula Hirtle April 18, 2019
Michael C. Sahd grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. From a young age, he read voraciously, particularly in the fields of fantasy and science fiction. Shortly after becoming a...
Restaurants & Tales is a delightful, entertaining and sensory exploration of restaurants and thoughts from an extraordinary man and excellent writer, Reha Tanor. Through his intriguing and amusing short anecdotes,...
Joanne  JaytanieJoanne Jaytanie Updated March 28, 2019
“In this new series as dark as the depths, dangers and secrets abound. Mystery, suspense, and romance lovers will devour this fast-paced first book in the Hunters & Seekers thrillers.”...
Stowaway by Darcy Flynn is an adventurous, fun and romantic tale set on the high seas. Miranda Merrick is a Charleston, South Carolina shipping heiress that discovers that one of...
Charlene audio cover
Deanie Humphrys-DunneDeanie Humphrys-Dunne Updated March 18, 2019
Charlene the Star, an amusing story about a beautiful red horse who is searching for her talent, is now on audio! Why does Charlene throw tantrums? Will she become a...
Deanie Humphrys-DunneDeanie Humphrys-Dunne Updated March 18, 2019
Please stop by to read Deanie's new interview with Gina McKnight, of Monday Creek Publishing. You'll learn lots of new things about Deanie's childhood at Sweetbrier.
Deanie Humphrys-DunneDeanie Humphrys-Dunne Updated March 12, 2019
Guess what? If you have Roku, you can see videos, reviews, audio, and more on Roku/FamilyCircleTV. First go to Roku and search for Family CircleTV. You'll be prompted...
Judith PriceJudith Price Updated March 09, 2019
After reading the reviews, I decided to attempt this long story. I was not disappointed! This book brought me back to places in my family that were cringe-worthy. I was...
One day, Theresa’s mom dies. The next, money problems force her family out of their home. Life has definitely taken a downward turn for the twelve-year-old. But then she meets...
Shattered Moon by Renata Lanzoni is a heartbreaking, beautiful and enlightening story about the horrors of domestic abuse. Based on a true story, it is a must read novel that...
Charlie audiobook cover
Deanie Humphrys-DunneDeanie Humphrys-Dunne Updated February 19, 2019
The adorable story, Charlie the Horse is now on Audio! You can listen to the free sample chapter, or for just $3.95 you may enjoy the whole book. ...
Judith PriceJudith Price Updated February 12, 2019
I picked this book to read from a recommendation of a friend. By accident, I started with book 3 of the Frank Nagler Mystery series. I was not disappointed as...
It’s Just Your Imagination by Revital Shiri-Horowitz is a touching story of the author’s own life growing up with a narcissistic and selfish mother. It details her experiences and reveals...
Talon Come Fly with Me by Gigi Sedlmayer is an inspirational, engaging and thoughtful must read story. It follows the story of a little nine year old girl whose parents...
Psych Meds Made Simple cover
Ashley  L PetersonAshley L Peterson Updated February 05, 2019
People living with mental illness are often left out of the loop when it comes to understanding how exactly medications work. This book will explain pharmacology in a simplified way...
Judith PriceJudith Price Updated January 20, 2019
The story brings back memories of a hodgepodge of stories about the magic of Christmas, family and the Hardy Boys adventures. From the very first chapter, you start to get...
deanie FB
Deanie Humphrys-DunneDeanie Humphrys-Dunne Updated January 18, 2019
Deanie Humphrys-Dunne is thrilled to announce her books, Charlene the Star and Bentley Bulldog and My Life at Sweetbrier, won the Editor's Choice Award for December, 2018, from ...
Roland Sink3
Brian OBrian O'Gorman Updated January 17, 2019
Can a couple sort out their failing marriage on the hottest reality television show around? What could possibly go wrong? Matty Bennett is about to find out. Roland Sink himself...
picture from Top Shelf awards
Deanie Humphrys-DunneDeanie Humphrys-Dunne Updated December 21, 2018
I'm thrilled to announce my book "My Life at Sweetbrier-A Life Changed by Horses" won first place in the children's/juvenile non-fiction category. I'd like to congratulate all of the winners....
698 results - showing 21 - 40
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