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Aimee AnnAimee Ann Updated December 02, 2018
Bubba and Squirt’s Big Dig to China is a children’s book that will take young readers on an action-packed adventure which will entertain and delight them from start to finish....
John SimmonsJohn Simmons Updated November 28, 2018
The style Mark Binmore adopts is deliberately pedantic and meticulous. In some sentences the distance between subject and eventual object can exceed 50 words. Precision and accuracy are essential to...
Uri NorwichUri Norwich Updated November 26, 2018
Spying Game never stops. The war is in the Cyberspace now. The payouts are in Crypto Currency. But a good, old assassination cannot be replaced by anything. ...
Hattie new cover
Deanie Humphrys-DunneDeanie Humphrys-Dunne November 24, 2018
"The synopsis of Charlene the Star and Hattie’s Heroes is gripping, glorious, and let’s not forget breath-taking. The novel has a plot that has surprised me more than once thanks...
Deanie Humphrys-DunneDeanie Humphrys-Dunne Updated November 09, 2018
Do you love entertaining books for young readers? How about an adorable story with a chicken named Hattie who loves wearing hats? Check out this new book trailer created by...
Judith PriceJudith Price Updated November 05, 2018
This book was a fascinating adventure in the steampunk genre. The tension from chapter to chapter kept me gripped to reading what would happen next. The multiple stories in this...
Dana MasonDana Mason Updated October 31, 2018
I just finished this book and what a wild ride. Talk about an amazing journey full of emotional and scary turns. I wasn’t sure what to expect next. Most...
Day of the Spiders
Brian OBrian O'Gorman Updated October 31, 2018
Horror sequel Day of the Spiders is free on Halloween and the first of November. Happy Halloween everybody...
The Rite of Wands Audiobook
Mackenzie FlohrMackenzie Flohr Updated October 28, 2018
NOW AVAILABLE - THE RITE OF WANDS by Mackenzie Flohr—perfect for fans of Doctor Who & Harry Potter. Performed by Chris Walker-Thomson. ...
Judith PriceJudith Price Updated October 27, 2018
In a treasure hunt-like adventure this story winds mystery around the globe bringing out an Indiana Jones type suspense. The plot was so believable I found myself in the...
Kate  RobinsonKate Robinson Updated October 16, 2018
Tootie-Do Press is proud to announce the October 2018 release of The Contest and Other Stories in Kindle ebook, exclusive to all international Amazons! Inspired...
On Psychology4MEME1080
JZ MurdockJZ Murdock Updated October 15, 2018
On Psychology, an audiobook narrated by author (and ebook) on the history of psychology and a discussion of synesthesia and schizophrenia originally delivered at Western Washington University to acclaim, where...
Deanie Humphrys-DunneDeanie Humphrys-Dunne Updated October 15, 2018
Would you like to find out more about award-winning children's author, Deanie Humphrys-Dunne? How and why did she become an author? What are her goals? Check out this...
HOT NEW REVIEW:  ★★★★★ Thunder: An Elephant's Journey "Would make a great movie""
Erik Daniel SheinErik Daniel Shein Updated October 09, 2018
Great review on Thunder an elephants journey You can call me Lynn 5.0 out of 5 stars Would make a wonderful movie ...
BOOK NEWS: New book trailer for Deanie Humphrys-Dunne
Deanie Humphrys-DunneDeanie Humphrys-Dunne Updated November 19, 2018
Meet award-winning children's author, Deanie Humphrys-Dunne and learn more about her children's books. Illustration by Holly Humphrys-Bajaj. New book trailers have been added. Now you can see one about My...
HOT NEW REVIEW:  ★★★★★ Kronos Rising: Kraken 2 " Captivating Monster Thrill-ride""
Steve Patrick CarringtonSteve Patrick Carrington Updated October 03, 2018
Although I am relatively new to these books and only halfway through Kraken - Volume 2 at this time, I can honestly say author Max Hawthorne makes another huge splash...
HOT NEW REVIEW:  ★★★★★ An Angel Among Us "Wonderful Collection of Short Stories""
Michele RolfeMichele Rolfe Updated October 03, 2018
The stories are tear jerkers & thought provoking. Very well written & hard to put down! I got caught up in the characters & felt like I was a part...
BOOK PROMO: Thunder an elephants journey
Erik Daniel SheinErik Daniel Shein Updated October 03, 2018
Do you love Elephants? if you enjoy stories like Charlotte's web and the lion king you will...
HOT NEW REVIEW:  ★★★★★ Kronos Rising: Kraken "A++++++++++++++++++++"
Scott M CurtisScott M Curtis Updated September 29, 2018
Finished reading it in two days. The Prince of Paleo-fiction has done it again with his latest novel in the Kronos Rising series. This book has a lot of surprises...
HOT NEW REVIEW:  ★★★★★ Mariah’s Revenge "Mariah's Stalker Is Back!"
Michele RolfeMichele Rolfe Updated September 29, 2018
WOW! I am a beta reader & lucky enough to have already read this. I did not read the prequel Hunting Mariah, but was still able to follow this 1....
674 results - showing 21 - 40
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