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Point and Shoot for Your Life

Robin Murphy Updated
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Point and Shoot for Your Life

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Point and Shoot for Your Life
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Point and Shoot for Your Life

Book Description

Point and Shoot for Your life by Robin Murphy is a tale of mystery and suspense. Hannah Mills, local photographer, is struggling for work and to pay her rent. Great-Aunt Dorothy comes to the rescue from beyond the grave after she leaves Hannah a First Phase Indian Chief Navajo blanket, a very rare item worth at least a million dollars. That kind of money would set Hannah up for life. But, before she can take it to auction, her niece is kidnapped and a ransom demanded – the blanket. Hannah has to go to France to get her niece back, but she has no money to get there until she robs a bank. Arrested for the crime as she makes the drop in Paris, Hannah isn’t going quietly and she drags FBI agent Finn MacNally along with her for the ride. Can they find Mandy before it’s too late? Can they really win a fight against the biggest Russian human and drug trafficking ring or will their luck run out at the last minute?

Point and Shoot for Your Life by Robin Murphy is a funny book. A mixture of humor, murder, mystery, suspense and romance, it has all the ingredients of a rollicking good read and it delivered all it promised. I found myself laughing, cringing, and holding my breath at different points during the story as I hung on for the ride. This is a book with no let-up; it starts on a high and just keeps on going, action all the way. The plot was very clever, brilliantly written, and the characters really fitted the bill. This is a story that will leave you breathless and, by the time the end arrives, worn out and ready to let go. Really great story, well-written and good fun to read. Would love to see more of this.

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Point and Shoot for Your Life

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