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Chick Lit December 19, 2013
Absolutely Amazing
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It isn’t often that I gush over books in a teenage sort of way, but since the very first chapter, I’ve been telling every woman I know about how much I enjoyed reading it. It has been a long while since I’ve felt so thoroughly connected to a set of characters as I have been with Just Silvia Cotton and the Dickinson brothers. After Forever Ends traces the love story of two souls who share life’s journey in a way that is so authentic and powerful that it left me in tears and in stitches, often simultaneously throughout the book. There were no climatic, edge-of-your-seat sort of moments, but instead the author carefully wove the beautiful tapestry of Silvia’s life with such grace and purpose that I can almost imagine that she is real. I grew as she grew. I felt what she felt. I learned about the moving and sometimes painful truths that only time can teach as she experienced them. There were so many carefully written segments and one of my favorite came toward the end of the novel as Silvia began the process of reflecting on her life, something that each of us will do in our own time. “I could not have asked for better friends or a better life, but there’s a nasty trick about living. It happens at its own pace and in its own way and you never, never know what’s coming next. So you keep running and running to keep up with it and most people get tired. Others don’t get tired. They just get overtaken by the road… And before I knew it, all of us were old.” I know that I will still be thinking about this book for a long time to come. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys great literature and a beautiful love story.
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