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Chick Lit March 13, 2018
Excellent Chick Lit Read
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Liberty Lawrence is in love with designer labels, fabulous clothes and shoes especially. She can’t really afford them, as her income as a junior manager at a London hotel, won’t permit. But that doesn’t stop her from loving and wearing the rich looking assembles. One day her boss announces that someone broke into his office and stole from him. Libby had noticed some strange looking marks on his office floor and suspects a certain someone as being the thief. When she tells the hunky and handsome detective James Harper her theory, he seems to be interested until she tells him who she suspects. Liberty is distressed because he doesn’t believe her and more importantly because he doesn’t know anything about designer shoes, which Libby is obsessed with.

While Libby tries to convince the detective of her theory, she is also trying to convince her boss that she deserves a promotion. She is also trying to convince herself that she isn’t attracted to detective-policeman James Harper. She eventually begins to question herself by telling herself that maybe she shouldn’t be working in the hotel business, and maybe she is wrong about her theory regarding the theft and maybe detective James Harper is married. With so many doubts looming, Libby must put her Best Foot Forward.

Best Foot Forward is a laugh out loud romantic comedy. I couldn’t put it down, as it held my attention throughout the entire book. Libby is fun and a bit clumsy too. It is hilarious to read about her antics and her light hearted personality. She loves shoes above all, but is caught off guard with the handsome detective James Harper. She becomes intensely attracted to him. She is a great character that is relatable and intriguing. There is plenty of physical comedy in this story that will keep readers laughing.

The storyline and plot is engaging, interesting and uplifting. There is a lot of emotion, including sadness. For women that love fashion, this is right up their alley. Libby, although clumsy, approaches life and situations in an expensive style with her designer heels. I loved the descriptions of the shoes and clothes and other things, like the settings.

In Best Foot Forward, the characters are very fun and appealing, especially her co-workers. They are well developed and thought out and suited to the storyline. Libby, herself, is a great character and very relatable. Readers will love her funny antics and her spirit. They will also be sad for her at times, Best Foot Forward is a wonderful chick lit read. It has all the important components of a special women’s fiction book. I couldn’t put it down. It is one of the best chick lit novels I have read in a long time.

Bea Stevens has a way with words. I loved the dialog between the characters. She writes in a simplistic, yet smart manner. Readers will be delighted with Best Foot Forward. It is one amusing, entertaining and captivating chick lit read. I loved it and I am sure all women readers of chick lit and beyond will find it very appealing and satisfying. The ending was wonderful, and I am looking forward to the next installment in the Liberty Lawrence series. I want to find out what exciting job Libby finds herself in next and what antics she gets herself into.

Bea Stevens is a great writer and should be noted as so. Pick up a copy of Best Foot Forward by Bea Stevens, you will love it as I did.

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