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Jason and the Draconauts

Paul D. Smith Updated
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Jason and the Draconauts

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Jason and the Draconauts
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Rated G (all ages)
Jason and the Draconauts

Book Description

Fifteen-year-old Jason Hewes doesn’t stand out from the crowd. He’s a typical straight B student: smart but no academic genius. While other kids in his small Montana town focus on sports, Jason’s playing fantasy role-playing computer games and working as a janitor for the local museum.

Jason’s interests make him a target for the local school bully, a sports-obsessed thug whose only talent lies in making Jason’s life as miserable as possible. As for girls, well, let’s just say Jason’s more successful with computer games than with dating.

Ask Jason about high school and he’d tell you it would be a continuation of the bullying, humiliation, and boredom of school. Nothing would change, he’d be certain of this. He’d also be wrong.

Jason’s life changes overnight when a loud crash shakes the Hewes family farmhouse. Something immense hits the ground. Something with teeth and dagger-like claws. Something with immense wings. Jason knows what he’s seeing can’t possibly be real, but there it is, filling the family barn and talking—talking!— to him politely, if Jason ignores the slightly cynical tone.

Jason Hewes is the first human to make contact with a forgotten legend, but he won’t be the last. The flap of leathery wings is becoming a common sound in the skies of rural Montana. Seeking a means to peacefully integrate myth and reality, Jason and his gigantic friend discover a connection binding them together.

As Jason adapts to his new world, he discovers an ancient threat to his new friend’s survival. An equally mythological being has noticed the emergence of his old enemies, and now has one goal—to silence the flap of giant wings forever.

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