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Ryan's Imaginary House

Judith Z. Brutus Updated
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Full Title
Ryan's Imaginary House: The Power of Imahination
Rated for Readers
Rated G (all ages)
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Book Description

"Ryan lives in a small house and needs more space indoors and outdoors to play with his classmates. His mom and dad cannot afford it and he is too young to buy a house himself. What will Ryan do?"

Ryan is a popular little boy, 5 years old and a kindergartener, who lives in a small house with his mom, dad, and younger brother on the outskirts of his town. However, he is not happy with his life because his house is too small to invite his classmates over to play. Even though his parents agree that a bigger house with more space would be nice, Ryan’s doubts this is likely to happen soon and so he makes up for it by using his own imagination.

When Ryan realizes that he has a natural talent for imagination, he starts to plan many fun play dates with his classmates for the whole year. While Ryan establishes his own rules for his imaginary plans, he has problems with the girls, who refuse to follow his guidelines. Ryan just wants to have fun and doesn’t have the time to sort out problems. Nevertheless, the girls team up and challenge him and the boys in everything. Ryan is taken by surprise that the girls have more fun playing a hockey game in his own backyard, as he sees this as an insult. He decides to get back at the girls by planning a super hero play date. Ryan wears his favorite super hero outfit and plans some difficult tasks to dare the girls. As a little boy, who believes that boys are stronger than girls, he can’t wait to show them. However, the girls shock everyone by showing up in their own super hero outfits with capes to prove that they can do anything that they set their minds to.

Ryan loves his friends and enjoys their company. He realizes that having fun with his friends is more important than anything in the whole world. He decides to switch from planning fun play dates to planning special celebrations instead. However, the girls stay very competitive and refuse to go along with the change even though Ryan and the other boys show they are more willing to share. The girls find it funny to tease the boys; but at the same time, they really enjoy every moment they spend together. Ryan is so very happy with his imagination skills that he decides to tell his parents. He writes a letter to them promising that he will never pester them again for anything, and that includes a bigger house.

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