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The Greatest Blessings

The Greatest Blessings

Mark Isaacs Updated
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The Greatest Blessings

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The Greatest Blessings
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Rated G (all ages)
The Greatest Blessings

Book Description

Discover the critically acclaimed, classically written children's chapter book that has kids everywhere asking ...

Fame, Fortune or Power: Which would YOU choose if you could have only one?

Lords and brothers Fame, Fortune and Power decide how well all people will fare in life in the namesake realms of human desire they control. When they deem a woeful babe abandoned in a barn unworthy of any of their favours, the child grows up the lackey of a cruel farmer and his tormenting spoiled children. When he is old enough Boy, for that is the name used for him, runs away with the only friends he has ever known — the equally abused and unnamed Sheep, Cow and Horse — to seek a better life.

Years later, a quarrel among the vain Fame, Fortune and Power over whose blessing is the greatest sends them, and their court jester Nobody, on a quest to find an unsullied party to settle their dispute. Boy seems the perfect candidate, but his unconventional views on what is valuable in life incite the lords and bring him to the brink of doom. Will he live? What happens to the lords? And is Boy right or does one of the lords’ blessings outshine the others? The future of mankind depends on the answer.

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